Ep. 6 Cameron Dickson

Cameron Dickson 3.jpg

Today I’m joined by my good friend Cameron Dickson.

We delve into topics of academy vs university life, relationships and mental health. I want to give huge credit to Cameron for chatting about his personal experiences with quite difficult subjects. I think you will really enjoy this one and I’m looking forward to hearing what people think.

Photo creds: @cam.macphail - He has some unbelievably great photographs on his Instagram, so definitely check it out!

Ep. 2 Dawn Melvin


My new guest on the podcast is Dawn Melvin.

She is a good friend of mine and kindly agreed to be the first of my friends to be interviewed.
We talk about her opinions on attending a small primary school and her relationships during secondary school. Then we move on to speak about the dynamics of living at home whilst going to university and her pursuit to become a teacher.
I hope you enjoy!